Anyone using Huanyang GT series VFD?

Great idea on the write-up, as it’s a spindle/VFD package that probably hasn’t been combined w a Onefinity much.
2m does seem a bit short for the VFD to spindle. I think I’ve usually seen around 4-6m to be safe. Can always be cut down later. I don’t have drag chains so some other guys could help with that. Maybe your reseller could customize a longer cable for you?
Yes, I had the basic table top and base ready ahead of time, but the rest is being figured out over time with the machine on site. It can help to have the components visibly there for some of the arrangement (and I’ll probably keep rearranging for a while!).
Happy to help in any little way I can. Good luck.

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Hey Martin,

additionally, it is good to have a thermometer in the cooling water flow of the spindle. The temperature should be kept between 10 and 30 °C, and the spindle should be stopped if it exceeds 40 °C (while the coolant pump continues to run). If you take care of this, I think you will be on the safe side when experimenting with the current. My cooling station has an alarm capability if temperature gets too high which can signal this to the VFD which can then stop the spindle.


Yes, also a good idea if pushing the limits of the spindle. I have a thermometer in the coolant/water bucket, since I’m just using the cheap pump that came with the spindle which has no alarm system. Would be a nice upgrade someday to a proper chiller unit. Do you ever measure the temperature of the spindle housing itself?

I have not had the opportunity yet! Most of my things are packed because we are (still) preparing for a move. You could ask Alan @Alphonse which has the same spindle model and uses it at the moment :slight_smile:

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