Anyone using Huanyang GT series VFD?

Hi everyone. Another CNC rookie. Have a Woodworker on order, and a 2.2kw spindle from Jianken to go with it, so pretty excited to learn on it. First dip in to the CNC world (and first post on the forum).
On to the VFD. I’d like to go with Huanyang because I know very little about electronics and it seems like that’s the VFD with the most online help from this forum and others. Lots of great info.
I was minutes away from ordering a 4.0 kw GT series because I thought any Huanyang would be fine, when I ran across a post where someone couldn’t get it to work with the Onefinity controller. Seems like the GT is a little step up from the HY.
Any chance anyone is using the GT series or knows if it can be set up with the Onefinity controller using the breakout board?