A question on spindles

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@Echd already provided you with a very good response.

It’s true that besides the PwnCNC kit, you will not find an easy-to-assemble kit for cheap chinese VFD/spindle combo. The other kits (no-name chinese at am*zon / eb*y etc.) are not complete, they usually even don’t contain a ready-to-use spindle motor cable.

There are industry-grade german ready-to-use VFD/spindle/control cabinet solutions (e.g. described in the video below) but they require a certain budget:

So if you want to wire and assemble a VFD/spindle/control cabinet yourself, I add a collection of links below with some information that may help you.

What I think you should know in the first place are a few things:

  1. If you buy a Huanyang HY series VFD (which is part of the cheap Huanyang spindle/VFD kits), this VFD has no sensorless vector control (SVC). The VFD PwnCNC sells has this capability. If you ask me which VFD I recommend, please see Name brand vs Huanyang – Post #4 by Aiph5u. See also PwnCNC’s DELIXI VFD vs. Omron/Hitachi VFD.

  2. Even if you want to wire your spindle/VFD/control cabinet yourself, I would recommend to buy a ready-to-use spindle cable and not make it yourself. For the reason and details, please see Where to get spindle cable – Post #1 by Aiph5u.

  3. The power in kilowatts (kW) that you find on chinese spindle nameplates is often wrong. It may happen that think you buy a 2.2 kW spindle because they sell it with this statement, but in reality it’s only a 1.5 kW spindle. See here for details in order to be able to judge on kW statements on spindle nameplates.

Here is useful information if you want to wire your spindle/VFD/control cabinet yourself (I tried to sort them in a useful order):

20099 Post #1 by Aiph5u
12251 Post #17 by Aiph5u
18604 Post #4 by Aiph5u
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