Spindle usage tips

I finally got around to wiring my 1.5kw huanyang vfd and spindle up today, ruined only by my complete idiocy in unscrewing the z axis nut and dropping a million bearings everywhere (hope it runs with the ones I found… i went ahead and ordered a replacement…)

I’ve got mine programmed to use a modbus connection. I haven’t actually had a chance to use it yet as ive been combing the floor with a magnet looking for bearings.

Is there any way to override in the short term or a gcode command that i can send through the controller but allow me to “freehand” the spindle?

Are there any helpful tips to utilizing a spindle or programming parameters new users should know about? I just followed the buildbotics recommendations for what I entered.

Before I fixed my spindle to the 1F I tested my comms to the vfd.

You can send code to spin up the spindle using MDI input. REMEMBER to take the collet nut off first else it might spin off and cause serious damage.

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I’m assuming you set all the necessary parameters in your VFD to match the spindle? (not just the Modbus communication parameters). This has to happen before anything else or you may fry the spindle

You can use the MDI commands to spin up the spindle, as @AndyP mentioned. You can also just spin up the spindle with the front panel of the VFD to see if they’re communicating and both working if you want. I tested that way before even using the controller/Modbus.
You could also check

  • that your VFD to spindle cable is shielded and flexible

  • that spindle ground wire is actually attached inside spindle cap

  • that ideally your Modbus communication cable between controller and VFD is shielded and twisted

Enjoy! Spindles are great


I did, or at least I think I did so correctly. When I had the jumper set to VR I did spin it up without issue. After changing the jumper to VI I did not try again.

The spindle ground pin is attached in my spindle. I had read they often aren’t.

The modbus cable is one I bought from pwnCNC so I’m guessing it is appropriate. He seems to know what he’s doing. The spindle cable is a shielded one I bought from the guy on Ebay everyone seems to recommend… camarovic or something. I left it a lot longer than I need in case of future changes to setup, but it seems to be fine.

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:+1: Sounds like you’re good to go, both with the parameters and cabling.
I have a Hitachi VFD, so I’m not sure about the jumper, but a lot of people have the Huanyang, so that info is out there I’m sure.
If you haven’t done it yet and have the time, it might be worth it to read through the VFD manual. As I understand it, the manuals for the Chinese VFDs are not as clear, but there still could be some good info I’m guessing. There are things like using intelligent inputs/outputs, what happens on trip/power loss, how the spindle comes to a stop, braking resistors, acceleration/deceleration time, etc.
But if you’re confident with the basic parameters, the other things can come later.

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Looks like everything is working, i was able to send commands without issue and nothing exploded (yet). Now just to get my chiller set up, wires routed, and ill be back in business, easy as can be. I hope anyway.