Autosquare feature

Did I mention I’m a noob? Anyway, I have a membership, but I also read from my day job at lunch, and I wrote down the phrase
“Autosquare feature” so I wouldn’t forget to look it up.
I got nothing.
Does anyone know what the heck I was thinking?

Masso will software auto square slaved axes - in this case the Y and B are slaved.
It requires both axes to have sensors for homing.

Here is the way it works as explained by a Masso expert…

This was an answer given by @cncnutz in a previous post…

“The squaring of the axis has nothing to do with when the sensor is triggered or the difference in distance travelled to reach the sensor.
It has to do with the back off.
Lets say the Y axis is triggered first. It stops and waits for the B axis to arrive.
Once both sensors are triggered MASSO starts to back each axis off the sensors and it has to do this within 10mm or it will alarm.
It is the point at which the sensor returns to low that is the square reference point.
As each sensor turns low the axis stops and waits for the other axis.
Once both axis sensors are low the axis is now square and both Y & B axis move the specified pull off distance.
Once the pull off distance is reached the axis machine coordinates are set to the values specified in the Home Position for that Axis.
The pull off distance should not be used as a way to correct sensor position because it forces the axis to twist out of square and then back into square each time you square the axis.”

Hope that makes sense.
Cheers Peter


Excellent, and you credited OP.
On further review, my lesson needs to be:
how to square the machine before even starting.
Fortunately, there’s a few threads on the subject.
Let’s call this a win! And close the thread, thanks.