Questions from a NoobMeister

Several quickie quests for you guys…

Feeds, Speeds, and Plunges…. Can someone share a cheat sheet, or general rule of thumb to use with my OneFi?

I have an old 23” Touch Screen Dell 23 Touch Monitor ModelP2314T that I am not using and I’d like to use it in place of the teeny tiny 7” that comes with the OneFi. Is this okay, it has an HDMI port and USB ports?

Lastly, What is the right size Screws, Bolts or Lugs to securing my OneFi to my Work Desk, I read that it requires 4 per post, a total of 16 Screws, but I don’t recall getting the size or depth needed, since it doesn’t come with the unit.

Can the OnFi send notifications, or Alerts via an app, or via SMS, that it needs your attention, i.e. Tool Change?

Thanks guys for your inputs, I am a total noob-meister when it comes to CNC, I am a wood shop fiend that loves building and crafting stuff, and I had to choose between the Shapeoko XXL Pro, or the OneFinity CNC, well…. OneFi stole my heart, and it’s on its way sometime in March, Yay!!! Looking forward to being an active member of the community.


P.S. I’ll change my nick to CNC-Jenn, when I am up to speed milling. :smile:


Welcome to the community! I remember seeing a sketch in one of the posts that had dimensions and likely the mounting hole dimensions. I’ll see if I can find it and post it here. Really good question, I would be an unhappy camper if I got my OF in April, had my table all built, router all set, and didn’t have the right hardware immediately available to mount it :cry:

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Precisely! That’s where I’m at, I’m all about being ready on d-day. Thanks Chuck :sunglasses:

Jenn check out this post. I will be getting one of these screens that will still let me do touch.

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Found it:

Post with dimesnsions listed

Ohh, thanks Frank… let me take a look at that. And yes; touch is important to me, as is screen size.

Thanks Chuck, while searching for answers thru the forum, I did bump into this schematic, unfortunately I did not get the screw size or depth, I see a few dimensions listed, however. Can you tell me what screw size I need here? Thanks, I couldn’t figure it out. :frowning:

@Machinist helped me by giving me the following from the holes on the “Machinist” which I assume will be the same:

“…the c’bore diameter is 15mm, and the length of the 8mm hole is 15mm top to bottom.”

Ahh, Toronto… very pronto. That helps a great deal, I’ll head on out to Home Depot and pick up the right screws, probably add some washers too, you know what size washers will fit in the well? Thanks again Mr. T :nerd_face:

@4KENTT I’m in the same mode of getting ready for “The Big Arrival” and want to be as prepared as possible. I was just about to start researching this topic as well. I am hoping to use some of the 1/4"-20 socket head cap screws and 4 prong T-Nuts I got for making my waste board along with some lock washers to keep it all in place. Not sure of the ID of the holes for the screw and washer size.

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These Guys

The 8mm hole would be 5/16" , and the 15mm recess is just under 5/8", so I think a 1/2" diameter washer would fit the recess and allow a 1/4" bolt/screw to fit through - you could check that in-store. Using a smaller diameter fastener may allow for adjustment which may be helpful when installing the mounts.

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Totally Awesome Details! It’s a Yay Day :smiley:


Thanks, that is a great help with using this conversion. Think I’ll use 1/4" hardware and a good thick washer to allow for adjustment for squaring up the rails.


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OneFinity Forum is so resourceful, and plenty of friendly helpful folks to boot!

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Thanks from me as well. I could find only the diameter but this gives me all I need to know to make sure I’ve got all the hardware ready. hmmmm wonder if I’m forgetting something else :slight_smile:

I think we’re good to go Chuck, the only thing that would be a nicety would be this:

My continued pursuit for a feeds, speeds, plunges “cheat sheet”, I found this chart which I’d like to share with the fam… It’s pretty general although it says Shapeoko 3 at the header. I think it makes for a pretty handy (general) F.S.P. Chart, and that’s probably what I needed to get off the ground. I’m posting it here for anyone who’d like a copy, I apologize if it does not apply, or if it’s already here.



My machine came with hardware to mount it to the table, as long as your work surface is wood.