Ball Nut to Gantry Bolt holes Stripped?

Onefinity X35 - Was doing routine maintenance on the machine this morning as I do every monday morning. This includes cleaning the ball nuts on the left and right rail as well as on the X rail. I realized when I went to remove the 2 bolts from the ball nut that the bolts were loose, kind of hanging on for dear life. I didn’t think anything of it at first, then I commenced to cleaning and oiling. When I was finished and started to hand feed the bolts into the ball nut and through to the gantry holes. They would not bite. The bolts will not feed/thread in the holes on the gantry side.

I’ve never had this issue or any issue threading the bolts. Any ideas? What can I do? I have a stack of orders to run and this is now halting that.

Typically the fix would be to drill the holes larger and tap them for threaded inserts. Not knowing where you are located I don’t know if there’s a store near you that would have them. Most likely it’ll need to be disassembled to drill and tap the holes. The good thing is once it’s done you’ll never have to worry about stripping the holes out as the insert is steel.


I had one screw like that and replaced it with one slightly longer and that is working so far for me


Thank you both for your input! A longer bolt may be the fix for tonight, but I believe for long term I’m going to tap new thread inserts. I’ll check the Infinity manual for bolt/thread sizes. Alex thank you for the video as well! Short and sweet and just what I needed!

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