Need to get longer bolts or

Let me start off by saying I did see the bot/screw spec post. Problem is, I can’t figure out which one is the ones I need. I’m looking to get longer bolts for the ball nut to gantry. The original bolts are not biting and feeding any longer. I don’t even know if this will fix the problem. I was going to use a tap and dye set to rethread, but I’m not really comfortable doing that.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated !

I have a Woodworker with upgraded X50.
The SHCSs are M5.
On my Y axis they are M5x16mm, and on the X axis they are M5x20.

I measured the threaded hole on both using an extra stepper motor bolt, and found each could accommodate at least an M5x25mm SHCS (the motor bolts have a thread that stops at about 23 mm and I stopped when I met resistance).

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Is your machine under warranty? Have you emailed Onfinity Support? They are super helpful.

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