Basic Bit Settings

Speaking as a complete newbie that’s minimally aware this is a pretty involved question…

I’m starting with Carbide Create while I learn Fusion 360. I know the CC settings are safe for the Shapeoko, but I assume the Onefinity should be capable of more aggressive settings.

Is there a simple rule-of-thumb for the basic settings we can increase (like increase feedrate by 1.x, or increase the Depth Per Pass by 1.x", etc.)? Or should we stick to default settings?

I did try searching for this answer, but haven’t come across it yet.

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Hi Eric - off the top of my head, I can’t say there is a fixed formula. My recommendation for optimal results would be target something between the Shapeoko (or X-Carve) settings and those recommended by the manufacturer of bit (closer to Shapeoko would be safer)

I’ve seen manufacturer recommendations of DOC = 1.0 x Bit Diameter to 1.5x bit diameter, and feed rate based on chip load. So for a 0.25" bit in wood, you would use something like DOC=0.25", feed rate = 150-300ipm, and Spindle=3-6K. That is way outside the art of possible for Shapeoko or X-Carve.

On the flip side, the Easel recommends DOC=0.125 and feed rate of 40ipm or so. As you can see, there is a lot of runway between the low end and high end for experimentation.

When I get my machine I certainly plan on doing a lot of test cuts to see how far I can push the machine and still get good results. As of yet I haven’t seen accuracy or precision results, so I’m curious about that too (especially with homing).

I’ve found my X-Carve tops out around 60ipm before the cut quality goes down dramatically (in hard woods). I was able to get cuts up to 80-100ipm, but surface finish was substandard.

Right now my go to for a 1/4", 2 flute bit is around 60ipm and DOC = 0.125. I’ve found DOC to influence the outcome a lot more than feed rate, but YMMV. I’m hoping I can increase the DOC with the 1F and keep the feed rate.


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Check this thread for Ed’s excellent feed/speed calculator.