Beer Caddy Prototype

This is not an original idea by any means but a modification to the “Christmas Beer Caddy” posted by Vectric. I made this with the Onefinity and VCarve Pro as a prototype for a friend of a friend. The joinery is neat and it turned out well. I made it with some 1/2” pre-finished plywood I had laying around. Ultimately I‘m thinking Baltic Birch plywood for a production run. What do you think?


I like it, been thinking about making one.

This turned out great! Did vectric or someone else post files for this? Nice work!

Here’s a link:


I appreciate the feedback. Thanks!

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Great, thanks so much!

I thought I would also share my first beer caddy finished a week ago (or so), albeit made with my Shapeoko as I am waiting on my 1F later this month. I am looking forward to the larger footprint of the 1F.


Nice job! That turned out great.