Better file management UI

It would be nice to have the ability to manage files without having to load a file just to delete it. An interface similar to say Octoprint for example would be nice. You can browse all your files, Organize them in folders, add, delete, etc. without waiting for the file to load. Larger files can take 5, 10, or even 15 minutes to load. that is a long time to wait if all I want to do is delete it. Currently I have to keep all of my files organized in folders on my PC and transfer them as needed just so I can stay organized. I would prefer to be able to keep my commonly used files organized in folders on the machine and viewable and manageable by some other means than just a drop down list. Sure I can just organize by editing the file name but by the time I enter all the necessary info into a file name (File name, Stock size, Bit name or size, Job/customer name, etc) I can end up with some pretty long and messy file names. Wrote all of this and am still only at 30% loading just to delete a file. While I am being greedy the ability to add notes for a file would be awesome as well. Anyway food for thought for when y’all are bored and have nothing better to do LOL!


@onefinitycnc I agree. This would be an awesome feature.

How about an external hard dive? I don’t have my machine yet, but I will try this when I get it.

Hi Matthew - welcome to the forums. There is so much opportunity for the buildotics SW to function a lot more like Octoprint - a plugin framework is first on my list! Nevertheless, you can remote into the RPI and manage the files, or you can enable Samba and manage the files from your PC as well by mounting the upload load folder as a network drive. If I get time, I might make a video on that - there are thread here on the process if you are interested.


When using one of the methods you have mentioned how does it impact the drop down tab? If I organized into folders would it still list the files in the subfolders?

Hi Matthew - I’m not sure with the folder. If you keep everything flat, then the drop down shows what is in the directory. I know that’s not exactly what you are looking for, but if it ignore folders, you can keep things in subfolder and move them to the top when you need them from the mounted drive. A little more work, but better than uploading everything or having 200 things in the drop down.


For now managing the files on my PC and sending it over as needed works for me. I was just posting a recommendation for future development.

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Totally agree with the original post. Why make it easy to add files, yet difficult to delete them?