Breakout Board circuit descriptions

can I get a functional description of the different inputs and outputs on the breakout board, including signal levels.

You can find some info in the Indicators tab of the CONTROL page of your 1F.
Since 1F is based on buidbotics controller you will find same info here: ( Buildbotics 25-pin I/O Breakout )

No Info for signal levels


Pretty sure signals are straight from the Pi or the Arduino board (I don’t recall from the schematics). Likely 3.3v or 5v standard TTL rails.


While trying to set up Load 1 and load 2 without success to trigger SSR’s I could see the indicator screen respond to the M7,M8 commands but no response from the SSR’s. checking the signal levels with a meter shows a 3.3vdc level. This not being enough voltage level to trigger the SSR’s.
This is the level shown in OF breakout box image. Buildbotics manual shows a 5.5vdc level.

I believe the GPIO output of the raspberry PI 3 is 3.3 volts so that is what I would expect you to measure. You can use a logic level shifter or a 3.3v relay if needed to convert from 3.3 to 5v.

Not familiar with a logic shifter, Thanks. I’ll ask mr. Google and do the research. Thanks again

OK, in just a few seconds problem solved and pretty cheap on amazon. Thank you


pls check your SSR what minimum voltage it requires to be triggered (not all SSRs are the same). I have to replace mine with a different model as the Fotek unit doesn’t work well below 5VDC.

Also take precaution and check what is the current drawn by the SSR and cross check with buildbotics manuals the max allowed. You may damage the OF controller if the current capacity of the L1,L2 and the other breakout board outputs if the current drawn will be too high.

I hope you change also the setting on the OF based on what you want to do (Lohi/ hilo etc), then control the SSR via Gcode.

Let me know if u need further info.

Got mine all hooked in my OF and everything running on Gcode incl pump, dust collector, spindle etc.

Am using YL VFD and 65mm Spindle.

Thank you for the reply, a multimeter and small variable power supply confirms that SSR trigger level is the problem. will change the SSR. OF settings are correct for LOHI and function as advertised. I may change the control from the OF over to my VFD as the dust collection is already being controlled from there. Your correct, I don’t want to damage the OF control board.

ATM moment I control most of my utility equipment like pump, dust collector, running lights, buzzer from VFD not from OF Controller. VFD is far cheaper and easier to get compared to the OF Controller :slight_smile: enjoy ur machine

Thank you, I agree and I am much more familiar with VFD programming than I am with lunix and arduino programing.

Hi Richard - you can use something like this:

Specifically designed to translate RPI signals.

All that said, having a break out board that properly isolates the signals as well as translates to 5 volts would be a great product…hmmmm… :wink: