Breakout Board compatibility

Aside from the plastic outer housing on the Onefinity breakout boards, is there any difference in those & a breakout board like these?

Both have each terminal numbered, but I’m not sure if pin 1 from the OF is in the same position as the pin 1 from these.
Asking because I have a couple of these DB25 connectors & I’d like to use them & save a couple bucks :slight_smile:

No difference. Same pin labeling.

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awesome! thanks for the info

Sorry for my ignorance, but what is the purpose/use of a breakout board?

It will let you expand some of the functions of the machine, like limit switches, probe, e-stop, etc.

Some of which have their own connectors on the 1F control box, but it’s always nice to have options for future additions…
Speaking about the 1F control box connectors, does anyone know what size/type of connectors they use? Looks like the probe is a small molex type connector but I’m not 100% sure.

Search the forum for “molex”. There are a few callouts as to what is where.

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