Building a loose tenon (Festool Domino) tool on the 1F

I do more than use my CNC, but now I’m learning to use my CNC to build new tools to do more than use my CNC. I’m pretty sure this is the next phase of human evolution.

Using the idea here, I modified the plans for a shop built domino a bit to accommodate 1/4"-20 threaded inserts on the side braces. I planed some 4/4 cherry down to .9".

I think it works well. VCarve project file and toolpaths for .9" stock are attached.

loose tenon tool.pdf (189.3 KB)

loose tenon (90.3 KB)


I also made one for my Ryobi trim router! I haven’t really used it yet but the tests indicate it works fine.

I added reliefs in what would be the ‘pocket 2’ profile corners in your example. That allowed the square router plate to fully contact the sides rather than being restricted by the corner’s curve created during the 1F carve.

I used 3/4" BB scraps I had lying around but may remake the project hard wood at some point in the future.

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