BOO-BOO realized to late(help)

Using, Carbide create(free version) and 1f woodworker.

Project: 30" round cut-outs with 7" round pocket 3/16" deep in center of cut out.

Problem: somehow 8 of the pockets are to shallow, how do i place the round cut-outs back on 1f and deepen the pockets(percisely)

One of the challenges, in my experience, is to mount the part at the same angle as when you originally mounted it. If you have reference edge on the part and a matching stop on the wasteboard, it’s reasonably easy: place the reference edge against the stop. Probe the corner and boom.

Lacking this, I would rather mill a jig for your pocket on the CNC and use a handheld router to deepen the pockets with the jig. You could mill a reference that you would fit on the part and probe from but a handheld router seems easier in that scenario…


Here is one of many ways. Zero XY near the center of your wasteboard. Keep this as your zero.
Create a shallow 30" circular groove with a vbit in the wasteboard with this center. Now place your 30" round using the groove as a guide. The round cutout will now have the same center as the groove to within eyeball accuracy. Clamp it and do the 7" pocket cut.

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You could use a scrap piece and route a 30" hole in the middle, making sure that the zero of that file is in the same place as the zero in your project file, and then place your project into the hole.
If you don’t have a scrap piece big enough you could clamp down like 4 smaller pieces in the corners and do the same thing.

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The v bit groove was a great idea… i did not cut the groove because i already had the circle cut into the wasteboard. Added stops to place the other circles in the same exact spot. Got lucky on centering xy. Remade pocket in carbide with center zero… perfect every time… thanks

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