Wasteboard cutter

Well my 1F should ship end of Feb and land in UK start March fingers crossed.
This is my first CNC and have found it quite daunting the amount of different cutters/bits you can buy. I think I have found a good selection from Amana (toolstoday) and I will also be buying some cheap bits from amazon/eBay for my first test cuts. But I’m stuck on which wasteboard cutter. I will obviously be flattening my MDF wasteboard but I will also be using it for on small projects on oak, walnut ash etc.
The 3 I have looked at are

Does anyone own or had experience with any of these

Thanks Gary

I used the Whiteside 1" with good results from amazon

I went with the Whiteside Bit as well. I used to to surface both sides of my threaded wasteboard and it looks as good as new.

Was it this one whiteside 1”

The only reason I did not look at this type was how to resharpen them were with the amana above I could simple get new blades.
Thanks for the info though

For me it is a balance of cost and learning. I can replace the Whiteside many times for the cost od the Amana. Wasteboard flattening is not a common cut.

I also have a 15" surface planer though so I don’t mill my stock flat on the cnc. If I did I would definitely invest in a carbide insert cutter. For the project where I need to do a flattening pass it will work and after I gain more experience I will invest in better tooling. I am trying to balance cost with quality enough I don’t get frustrated.

100% Agreed–I got a no name waste cutter off of Amazon that did an excellent job. If you’re not planning on surfacing stock, than invest the money elsewhere–maybe on end cutters that you will be using more often.

In short, both will work and work well.

I have the 2265 and the Whiteside cutter. The 2265 produces a better result for me with hard woods and epoxy. That said, the results from the Whiteside are completely fine - you will likely sand away any difference either way.

The advantage of the 2265 is you can 1) rotate the blades, 2) replace the blades. As such, a single set of blades will last 4x longer than the Whiteside (or any other cutter without replaceable blades), and for a relatively small investment in blades, you essentially get a whole new cutter.

The choice comes down to how much you use it. If you plan on using it a lot or for large projects, get the Amana - it’s a cry once scenario. If you plan on using it once in a while or for small projects, save the money. I flattened a large epoxy desk made out of extremely hard wood with my Whiteside it was essentially trashed after I was done (I don’t know if I can get it sharpened or not). The Amana would have been a better choice, but I was too cheap to drop the cash. I have at least 2 more desks/table to complete, so Santa was kind enough to bring me a 2265 which I can use for my CNC and my workshop router.

Hope this helps.