Smooth surface help

I’ve had my Elite Journeyman for about a month. I’ve mostly been cutting out tool holders and other misc items to organize my shop.
My wife asked for a new sign for the front of our house.
This is my second attempt to carve this sign with the same results. Seems to be uneven on both the vcarve and waste removal
I flattened my waste board right before this carve but not sure what actions to take next.
Using bits and bits 425-DNC250.
any suggestions would be awesome
thank you

That is a downcut spiral cutter is it not?
I think you will get better results with an upcut spiral.
Downcuts don’t clean the floors well - they push the wood fibers down instead of lifting them up.

Is your process to clear out the middle with a 1/4" endmill, then finish the tapered walls with a taper cutter? If so then the downcut would be no help to you I think.

I would use an upcut spiral to rough out the middles - stay above the final depth .02". Then finish the floor with the same 1/4" upcut. Then finish the walls with the taper cutter.

Just my suggestions.

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Thank you for the suggestions
Yes, I was using a downcut and will switch to upcut.
My process is to vcarve using 90 degree bit then clear remaining with 1/4" endmill (will switch to upcut).

I’m also going to take some measurements to see if I need to tram the router (makita).

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the lines in the floor of the cut would point to needing to tram the router so it is perpendicular to the waste board, there are many threads on here that will detail the process.

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You could also intentionally “texture” the base area with a TBN or such and actually celebrate the bottom of the cut. Just sayin’…