Surfacing bit size for Makita

Hello Team OF,

I got my machine a few weeks ago, still waiting on that dang frame. Meanwhile trying to make sure I get the proper gear.

Regarding surfacing bits, I’ve seen a few threads on 'em but have a question. Is there a recommended cutting size? I see 1.5" and 1", is one or the other required to surface the whole wasteboard without gymnastics? If the 1" can reach it feels a bit more appropriate for the little Makita than 1.5"

Do you recommend 2, 3, 4 flutes? Those will have different chip loads and Im not sure how that relates to the best feeds and speeds, most of which are probably close to the low end of what the Makita can do.

I would like to be a comfortable as possible when I strap that weapon to the little router that could…

Lemme know your thoughts!


I use a Whiteside 1".

Any bit can do the working area to the center of the bit. What folks have done is set the bit and toolpath up to cheat the machine to allow the 1" bit for example to cut the spoil board nearly a half inch wider without any warnings.

With mdf the feeds and speeds and chip load are really immaterial if the bit is sharp… Go fast and run hard. Going slow will dull the bit and if you go to fast you can simply speed up the rpm on the router to compensate in this case. Also do horizontal or vertical lines only to avoid as many direction changes and provide the longest cut lines possible.


Brad - I’ve used the 1" white side and the 1.5" Amana - both worked well. The last run I did 200ipm at 0 DOC – I zeroed at the lowest spot and let the machine take whatever depth required. Hope that helps.



I run the Amana RC-2265 1-1/2 ". Little Makita does fine. Now when the bit is spinning it sounds like a C-130!

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I flew “SpaceA” a few times as a kid on a C130. Not looking forward to that! At least with the CNC I won’t have to sit facing backwards :wink:

I’m retire AF. C-17 Loadmaster; You would have been sitting sideways in my jet. Actually, if you were sitting backwards, you were probably on a C-5.

Of course you are right, a C5. The seat came with earmuffs and blankets but no drinks cart :slight_smile:

It is worth noting I set up the Amana 2265 to act like a 1" bit because of the cutter orientation - it works better for me that way.

(and I’ve only flown onto a carrier deck backwards, so I don’t know what that says about me :upside_down_face:)