Can I cut my max wasteboard out of a larger MDF?


I’m new to CNC and I don’t have a lot of precision tools. I had a slab of MDF cut out at Home Depot to 36x42. Can I in theory cut out my 32x32 waste board out of this slab? How do I go about securing the large slab and the 32x32 wasteboard or do I not worry about the inside cut moving? Also I so new to this that I don’t have any CAD design for a wasteboard. I wanted to do a simple vacuum table out of the Wasteboard itself with a 2 1/2 cutout in the center for the vacuum underneath but I read online that shop vacs will burn up without continuous airflow. So I’m back to square one and I just want a simple wasteboard that doesn’t utilize rails or other fancy gadgets. Just simple wood screws from Home Depot to hold down the wasteboard in place. Anyone have wasteboard, flattening, fence and clamp files I can import straight into my Carveco Maker software? Also a simple list of hardware I will need to run down to Home Depot and pick up. Many Thanks you guys. I picked up a 1/4" upcut router bit at home depot already that I will be using for my work pieces. What other bits will I need to complete the wasteboard for example like the flattening? I’m going to be cutting only acrylic on this machine and thin anodized Aluminum. My machine is a X-50 (32x32).

Hey Kenneth,

with a Onefinity Woodworker machine, you can move the center of your bit 816 mm in X direction and 816 mm in Y direction. So if you want to cut out a piece of wood out of a workpiece, the maximum size will be 816 − 2 x bit radius mm.

You can define a toolpath for a wasteboard of maximal 816 mm x 816 mm, or it will be refused by the machine with a beyond limits error. And it has to be zeroed very exactly if it has this maximal size.

But if you go exactly to these limits, the radius of the bit will extend beyond them so the area you can mill with e.g. a surfacing bit will be this amount, one bit radius, bigger in all diretions.

For the distance of the machine’s feet from the workarea (i.e., from the maximum positions of the center of the bit), see here: Cutting area location.

Note that the workarea is not centered between the machine’s feet in Y direction. The milling motor is at a distance more forward than the machine’s feet, and is not the same on Standard Series with 65 mm mount, dto. with 80 mm mount, Elite Series with 65 mm mount, and dto. with 80 mm mount. It differs in forward direction by up to 15 mm according to model.

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