Surfacing the Wasteboard (QCW Secure from Beneath - Woodworker X50)

Hello, I am new to using a CNC and just finished setting it up on the QCW secure form beneath frame. I cut and secured 3/4 inch MDF according to Onefinity’s recommendations. My questions are, do I now have to resurface it before I run a project on my CNC? if so, Can someone please give me the instructions on how to set my zero start point since the wasteboard is larger than the cutting area? Do I use the Touch Probe at all? I have a WhiteSide #6210 1 inch surfacing bit. Thank you in advance to anyone that can help me.

Hey Gregory,

the manufacturer suggests this method:

It uses a method where you first find the middle of your workarea and then set workpiece zero manually on the middle of the workpiece. But many people don’t like to do this this way, they prefer to do it by using the front left corner of the workarea as the workpiece zero. In this case, you should know where the Cutting area location is.

If you go with the workpiece zero on top left front corner, in this case you might be interested to take care of this.


Also you have to know that you cannot probe XYZ with a surfacing bit. But you can use the method explained in the video instead:

Be sure that before you flatten your wasteboard that your machine is checked for rectangularity and coplanarity, because if it is twisted or a parallelogram, flattening the worksurface will not help.

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Thank you Aiph5u - So if I want to start on the front left corner I would just manually zero my Z and run my program. correct?

Hey Gregory,

yes, you can do it this way.

You could also use the Touch probe to probe Z.

Great - thanks for the help