Xmas Charcuterie Board

Wife found one on Homedepot, it was pine garbage. So I sketched it up, and made it out of solid maple.
Lessons learned

  1. Roundover bits exist for cnc. I bought one after trying to round over the edges with a palm router. Not enough surface area.
  2. Need a new way to remove this much wood. .75" deep x 20" tall took a LOT of passes and about 7 hours just to hollow it.
  3. Still cant figure out speeds and feeds etc. .1" pass depth at 40IPM 16000 rpm. Not sure if I should be pushing it harder. Seems super conservative.

Question… with a compression bit (which I love the idea of) it says you need to get past the upcut part and in to the downcut part to get the benefit. thats at 1/4" So I should be doing a 3/8" pass on a 1/4" compression bit? just slow it way down?


Hey Ryan - what bit were you using for the hollowing? For something like that, with my Shapeoko, I’d use a 1/4" end mill with a 0.23" step over and a 0.125 DOC using adaptive clearing at 60ipm. With the OF, you can definitely push it faster and deeper. Might be worth doing a bowl cutting bit that is an 1" or so in diameter. I’ve used those with great success recently.

My bits video will be out tomorrow, and tool path video next week going to more depth. I’ll probably do a more advanced tool path video for adaptive clearing as well, but I don’t have a lot of hours with that so I’m less comfortable making recommendations.



Dont even know what adaptive clearing is :slight_smile: time to google.

So the lower the stepover the more overlap between passes right? I did 25% here.

So if i changed from my settings (below) to yours I would speed up a LOT. 20% deeper cut, 33% faster.

Hi Ryan - adaptive clearing is something in Fusion 360. In short, it allows maximum cutter engagement without over burdening the cutter on sharp curves. In the end, you can cut deeper and faster than a traditional pocket. For large areas, it’s the way to go. For small pockets, it is actually slower.

For standard 2D pocketing, I generally use a 50% stepover for clearing, but you can go as high as 75% with decent results. Beyond that, you will need some surface prep after milling.

I usually set my DOC at 50% of cutter diameter (0.125 for your bit) to start. I have not tried it yet, but the OF should be able to do more.

With a 2 flute, 1/4" bit, 40-60ipm feed rate with 0.125 DOC and 50% stepover is fairly conservative. I’m still pushing the OF, but it should be able to do more with a decent finish (I’m more interested in finishing the projects right now than experimenting).

As an aside, when I plunge, I usually use 50% of my feed rate. However, I generally use a ramp instead of a plunge, and ramp at my federate. If you can’t ramp into the material, then plunging at 25-50% the feed rate is reasonable. But - YMMV.

Hope this helps.



If you are using a Jenny 1/4” compression bit or something similar you can cut at 0.25” deep per pass and 100ipm with a 50% step over. I cut this 12”x12” tray using those settings in about an hour!


Nice Andrew - I love the color of the wood. Did you do a lot of sanding or was the surface finish good?