Relief Carving Problem, Ridges

I’m asking one more time to see if I can figure out what is happening here. I’ve done a dozen attempts at relief carving on my Journeyman X50 and every time there are extreme ridges left behind. I’ve re-made the g-code over and over. Re-probe the Z axis when I change bits. It might be the way that Carbide Create makes the “rough” and “final” passes. I’m using Carbide Create on Mac. Don’t own any PC’s. Lets see if this photo attaches. In the image, what is to the left of the bit is what is left behind from the 1/8 ballnose tappered endmill and what is to the right of it has had the 1/16 bn tappered endmill toolpath applied. It appears as though the 1/16 bit isn’t even touching the surface of the wood for the most part. Even the cuts from the 1/8" bit appear to have different depths almost like every third pass is a few thou deeper. Any ideas? I’ll post this same thing on a Carbide Create forum/s to see if there is any experience with this type of result.


Try changing your stepover. Looks like it is way too much. Cheers

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I concur, for more of a “finished” look, I will take the stepover down to 8 percent with about 10 percent being minimum IMO.

Hey BWB,

in this example that leaves a smooth finish when using a 8 mm radius cutter as last pass, they use 0.4 mm stepover.

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Saving the picture and zooming in I can see that the 1/16" ball is indeed not cutting at all as you say. The 1/8" ball needs to be lifted or the 1/16" lowered.
Are you willing to share the Carbide Create file so someone can help see what setting needs to be changed?

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My step over with the 1/16f is 10% which is why I think it’s a AZ axis issue. I’m at the in-laws for Thanksgiving. I’ll share files when I get home.

It appears to me that Carbide Create thinks it is using a cutter with a flat or pointed tip and not one with a radius on it which results in the circumference of the cutter cutting near the right location however the tip of the ball radius is cutting too deep, I’d double check the tool setup.