Can I change the end location of the router after a project finishes?i

I built an enclosure for my New X-50 Onefinity CNC with doors. My problem is that after a project finishes, the controller wants to return the router to the lower left homing position. When it does that, my suckit dust boot hits my door. Can I change a setting in the controller to somehow not return the router to the homing position or for it to just raise and stay at the final end point location of the cut? Thanks in advance, Jim
Update: Now that I know it’s a function of the program I’m using - Vcarve Pro v11. Can anyone tell me if this is Possible?

Hey Jim,

it is not the controller that “wants” to do that. The controller just executes your g-code program, and if your g-code program contains such a home command at the end, the controller can’t do something about it. See here.

If you already finished your enclosure, I think it will be no help to you if I say, when designing an enclosure, be sure to allow for dust boot overhang :frowning:

A few links to dimensions useful for dimensioning table/enclosure/wasteboard

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@James128 Being A/ a newbie and B/ totally computer illiterate, I tend to look for solutions that don’t involve me trying to hack some software. Could the solution to your problem be cutting a hole in your door to accommodate your dust boot and sealing it over with an appropriate sized box?

I use Carveco and in the tool path you can specify home position for X,Y,Z,
I generally use X0 Y250 Z 10 when doing production runs as it moves the spindle and dust boot out of the way for me to remove the completed items and to be able secure the next piece of timber without having to power down the spindle or remove the dust boot

There is another alternative and that is to set your home position at the centre of your work-piece so when the job is complete the spindle/router will return back to where you homed it at the beginning of the job setup.
I agree that this is not always practical but it is one alternative, on the other hand Aiph5u’s comment is probably another fairly simple solution.

I have some sympathy for your situation. Before building my enclosure, I boned up on everything I could here. Machine footprint? Check. Allowance for drag chains? Check. Vertical clamping? Check. Dustboot overhang? Check. Everything worked out to the nth degree, I only had a limited amount of room. So of course when I first run the machine with the dust boot that hooks up BEHIND the router, it promptly whacks the rear door open.:roll_eyes:

What cam/gcode generation software are you using? I believe Create doesn’t use a home instruction at the end by default, I think Easel does.