Can you use the Onefinity to etch glass?

If so what type of endmill would you use?

check out a drag bit.

Do you guys have any tutorials on this one?

I would look into using a laser to etch glass as well as the diamond drag bit. It would be some work but another technique is sandblasting. It could be done two different ways. The first, the easiest, would be to use a drag knife (I’ve never tried using one so I don’t know how hard it would be) to cut a stick on protective mat on the glass. You would cut the mat then remove the part you want to etch. Then just bring it to your sandblasting area and have at it. The other way would be to set up the 1f to actually have the sandblasting nozzle on it with a vacuum around it. You would want a fine nozzle but I think it could be done.

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There are videos on youtube. I don’t know if its frowned upon to state certain names here but, Garrett Fromme/IDC woodcraft has a video, on this exact process, bits, and fairly deep dive into his project.