Carveco/CNC TUTORING 1 on 1 zoom classes now available!

I’ve recently been giving private tutoring lessons on Carveco Maker and Maker+ to some of the members here who reached out to me. I’m thrilled to say everyone I’ve helped is making great progress. Given this success, I wanted to open this offer to anyone else in this group who may be looking for help. It’s open to anyone, whether you’re just starting with Carveco or you’ve been using it for a while. Please note that these sessions will specifically cover the Maker and Maker+ versions of Carveco. The sessions will be competitively priced, and I can offer a discount for multiple bookings. For more info on pricing and what the sessions cover, you can drop me a private message or comment below. The attached picture showcases a recent V-carve project I’ve helped with - just a glimpse of what you can create with Carveco Maker and Maker+ after some coaching sessions. I look forward to helping you bring your own Carveco projects to life.
These are 1 on 1 zoom classes that will be scheduled at a convenient time for you and me. During our sessions, we’ll cover a variety of key topics including project development and design, tool pathing, bit selection, feed rates, and best CNC practices. If you’re interested, we can also delve into 3D modeling and design, along with guidance on how to machine your projects.

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For references check out the Carveco users facebook group. I have been serving those guys as a facebook admin and group expert for that group for some time now. Also check out my youtube channel for in depth guides product discounts and all things CNC\Carveco related.


Hey, please send me a message with your rates.


Message me at or at | Woodworth LA.
I appreciate all the support for these classes too, everyone has been a big help in getting the word out and I has kept me busy this whole year…