Chip Carving with a V-bit

I was watching a Video by Kyle Ely on using Vectric to make chip carving designs.

I decided to give it a try and here are the results.

These are going to be trivets.

I’m not sure what to do with the burning (dull Vbit?)

My router was set at about 15,000 (Mikita) feed is 160ipm and plunge is 20.

This is using a 90deg V-bit.

This is with Maple.

I did run the toolpath twice, and I started with the router running about 20,000.

Slowing it down helped some

I plan on filling with colored Epoxy, so the burn marks will probably be hidden, still….

What suggestions do you have?

What are your feeds and speeds when doing v-carve?



Too fast or too slow a feed and/or to heavy a cut and maple burns.

In my opinion, your router speed seems about right but your ipm is way too fast.

Slow your speed to 45 ipm and your depth of cut to .10 and see what happens.

And/or you could make a final pass with a doc at .025 & 45 ipm.


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There is also quite a bit of tearout.

Maybe try it in endgrain, or doing a final finishing pass as suggested.

Hey Mike,

with wood, the problem is the evacuation of heat. Therefore for wood, you mill with both high torque and high speed. A 24,000 rpm spindle would be ideal. Unfortunately the router is slowed down by the load, a spindle not.


I did reduce my IPM to 45 and my RPM to 10000.
I also changed my pass depth to .0625 (it was set to .25)
I didn’t get any burning, but a lot of chipout in maple.

Next I tried another pattern with a 60deg v-bit.
Left the RPM at 15000 but reduced the IPM to 45 and it came out much cleaner.
It’s all down to feeds and speeds and DOC.

Here are my last two out of Hickory, a 90 deg v-bit and 45 IPM and .0625 DOC

Chipcarve Hickory.jpg



Nicely done! You learned something.

As I use to tell my crew, try to improve yourself by just 1% everyday and before long, you’ll be an expert!


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Can you share a link to his video? Those turned out nice even with the burning.

Not sure what you are referring to.
No video here.

I was referring to the video you mentioned in the opening sentence of your post, “I was watching a Video by Kyle Ely on using Vectric to make chip carving designs.

fwiw maple burns very easily even on a table saw. You have to get it just right in maple or you’ll see burn marks.

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Your designs look great! Maple does like to burn. If you can’t beat those burn marks you can always add to it:

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Sorry i completely forgot about that.
I have signed up for a news letter from Kyle and the video was mentioned in that.
I just looked on you-tube and can’t find the same video.