CNC Drawer Pulls or Hardware

Hey there, community; does anyone have any resources or can point me in the direction of a CNC maker or designs that can be carved out on the CNC for Cabinet Pulls or Hardware?
I was trying to see if anyone had good resources or svg’s for sale. Looked everywhere on the web but not getting any returns and not sure if there’s anything like that out there.


I just Googled “CNC drawer pulls” and got a long list of hits. Several have downloadable files. Hope this helps.

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Did you check ETSY? Lots of CNC files there. Just a thought.

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Wow! So I’m either an idiot or something is way wrong with my google/browser. lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Okay, so I tried googling that same line and honestly got nothing but “purchase hardware” links and zero, like no SVG files or sites for ideas.

I’m not sure why, but it is so weird.

Would you share a screenshot of what you Googled and what you saw as the response to the message you wrote? I’m curious as to why my searches are not yielding similar results. Thanks!

Hi, thanks, Paul.
So, I did that as well, but I am not sure if my keywords or search words are wrong or what. But I am not finding any svg files or even articles about it. Instead, my search results led me to a couple of YouTube videos from Brad at Fix this build that, but those are not even CNC projects.

It’s just weird for me.

Hey Emuanel,

google is known to track everything that you do and ever did and ever will do to get to know you and to provide different results to different people. If you want neutral results, try, which uses the google search (but anonymously) or you can try the meta-search engine

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Here are 2 screenshots.

Hope this helps.