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Good evening… So I have a pre order, duh :slight_smile: but I have always struggled to find a place like thingiverse for 3d printing (or yeggi, or any of the others) for CNC or vector graphics.

Do any of you smart people know of one? I am more than willing to pay for good projects, but there doesnt seem to be a central place for this stuff… Maybe I havent looked well enough :slight_smile:
Thank you


You can find things by learning a few key words to include like “cad” “DXF” “SVG”, and so forth.
I don’t know of any treasure trove myself.

Also, we need a section here for sharing. I hope the will add a sub forum for bragging and one for sharing files.

One last thing, while there is nothing wrong with cutting other people’s designs that they have shared, you will never truly master this until you are doing your own designs.

100% agree with the last statement. Ive designed and cut a few things on my own. nothing too complicated like a cribbage board, chess board etc.
Definitely learning vectric, but thats slowed since my CNC went away (waiting for this one).
I need to take a course to learn Fusion 360 too…

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Try starting here
Being it into vcarve…

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I have a couple videos on Fusion 360 (, and I highly recommend Winston Moy ( and John Saunders (

Best place for pure vectors is actually Google images. You can also find models from GrabCAD, but I usually don’t use those for CNC work. The Vectric website also has a lot of good models if you want to get into 3D carving, and Etsy a good place if you want to pay for things.

Hope this helps.


@dunginhawk I had the same question and last night I found this YouTube video which basically answers that exact question:

It’s produced by a competitor, but the information in it is valid for the Onefinity. I plan to explore these sites myself soon.