Inspiration for projects


Where does everyone look for inspiration for new projects? Any one have some great resources that we could share? I always find myself wanting to create something new, spend hours looking at ideas and then not making anything.

Thanks for reading

I can relate to wanting to do something then spinning my wheels going down the internet rabbit hole.

What I have done is set up a matrix that I add to as the thought occurs to me. When I have time to design, I pick one from each column and start. My column headings are thing, material, style, shape, and design element. Under each are things like coaster, box; wood, aluminum; tribal, brush; circle, square; elephant, octopus.

Truth is I spend 80% of my cnc time making things for the cnc :upside_down_face: After a batch of coasters, that’s also been a lot of time since the first one was a hit.

While I suspect you were asking a different question, I thought I’d answer with my process when I don’t have a specific thing I am trying to make and am instead faced with no specific thing to do. I hope this was helpful or at least amusing.


@Mitch, fellow ukraine :slight_smile: ?

@NeverwinterWood I like making things that I or somebody I know needs.
Most of the time that is furniture or toys or knick-knacks.

Alex (@suprak), my wife is. I wanted to make something for her first since she graciously conceeded to me stuffing an expensive tool into a small shop. The first project was for her. Sure, the next 30 things were for the shop.


Try thinking about someone you can make something for. Customize it for them in some personal way.
Inlay cutting board, desk name plate, workshop sign, Catch all tray… It’s a great feeling giving a surprise handmade gift to someone…

I don’t usually go searching for projects but I keep a very long list on my phone of all the good ideas I see in Forums like this one which all have a “what did you do”, " projects". I like carbide3d forum.


My wife and I are into “heart gifts” for people. Things that mean something to them that may not necessarily carry high monetary value.

Other than that, my inspiration is her. Been married almost 32 years and she continues to inspire, amaze, and drive me to do more almost every day.