Parametric Fusion 360 dovetail template

hey all - with my recent project of many dovetail drawers I ended up creating a parametric file in fusion to help speed up the process since I had different sized drawers. came in very handy and worked like a champ. edited some numbers, did some minor tweaks to the toolpaths and bam. new gcode in a very short time… anyway. I had a couple requests from friends to acquire it and thought others may find it useful.
I did set up an Etsy account for the masses but since Etsy won’t let me do a 100% promo code i did the max at 75% (promo OFCNCCREW75)

that beings said - i am more than willing to give this file away to anyone on the forum that wants it. just message me and will shoot you a link.

if anyone does end up using it I would appreciate any feedback as I have another 1/2 dozen templates like this I am working on for different joints. any requests?


I would like this file.

i would love this file, thank you so much for sharing this. really curious to see how you set this up.

thanks to @MstrODstr suggestion I have added a gap tolerance parameter on the tail board to allow for fine tuning the fit for both CNC and 3d printing.

for those that have already asked for this i will shoot you a message with the V3 file. From my testing it appears to work well, but if you come across any oddities please let me know.

thanks again for those that have provided some feedback and improvements.


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This looks like something I have been wanting to try to make with a cnc, quick and sturdy drawers. Does this include the groove for the bottom? I would be interested in the files if you are still offering. Thanks.

I would also be interested in reviewing the file Joshua. I use F360 exclusively.

Link sent to both of you

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Nicely done! PM sent.

I have the older version, could you send me the V3 please?