CNC Speed Calculator for Makita Router

This is a speed calculator specifically made for the Makita router. Simply put in the speed you want to run and it will tell you the right rpm setting for the makita.CNC Speed Calculator for (5.3 KB)

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Super cool I love it. What DOC of cut do you recommend ?
Just a suggestion Would it be easy for you to add O flute

Thank you for sharing!

Can you provide some data references of which this was built?
How did you source the info to decide on the formulas?

Calculation are as follows: Chip Load = Feed Rate (inches per minute) / (RPM x number of flutes). Example: Chip Load = 500 inches per minutes / (15,000 RPM x 2 flutes) Chip Load = .017″.

Chip loads are based on material thickness of average size for cutting edge length of tool.
The range in chip loads in the chart just represents the average range of hardness. The harder the material the lower in the average chip range and the softer should be higher in the average chip range.
Depth of cut is equal to the tool diameter. If you want deeper cuts u should shrink chip load by:

  • 20-25% - for depth = 2x tool diameter
  • 40-50% - for depth = 3x tool diameter

The Makita dial speeds come from an average of posted and tested results listed on the second tab.

Its really just a different way to look at the same data any other feed and speed calculator can give however the data has been adjusted to readout in Makita dial speeds. It may help in learning chip loads as well.