Makita Router Tach Speeds

Posted this over in the FB group, and posting here also. I put a tachometer on the Makita to see what the real speeds were, hopefully this can help some dial in their speeds and feeds. Of course everyone’s router will be slightly different. Sorry for the pic overload.


Very cool, thank you for sharing your findings… This is helpful.


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I appreciate the info! Thank you!


Great info!
I was just thinking about grabbing one of those laser tachs to do the same thing.
Does the actual RPM of the bit have a huge effect on the cut quality?
Like if you calculated your speeds & feeds for 10k but you’re running at 9.5k or 11k.

If you set it for 10k but it’s really running 11k you have a 10% increase in surface speed without corresponding feed increase.

I don’t know if it matters as much for say, MDF, but it might matter more for plastics, aluminum, composites.

I was surprised at how much granularity the router has on RPMs.