Makita Router Tach Speeds

Posted this over in the FB group, and posting here also. I put a tachometer on the Makita to see what the real speeds were, hopefully this can help some dial in their speeds and feeds. Of course everyone’s router will be slightly different. Sorry for the pic overload.


Very cool, thank you for sharing your findings… This is helpful.


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I appreciate the info! Thank you!


Great info!
I was just thinking about grabbing one of those laser tachs to do the same thing.
Does the actual RPM of the bit have a huge effect on the cut quality?
Like if you calculated your speeds & feeds for 10k but you’re running at 9.5k or 11k.

If you set it for 10k but it’s really running 11k you have a 10% increase in surface speed without corresponding feed increase.

I don’t know if it matters as much for say, MDF, but it might matter more for plastics, aluminum, composites.

I was surprised at how much granularity the router has on RPMs.

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I put a tachometer on my Makita to dial in the settings and I noticed that my results are very different from where Jake posted in this thread. Mine was about 2 notches off from those settings. I assumed there would be some variance between different production runs but this was quite a difference. I would just warn everyone that every routers dial may give different results.
One thing I did test was maximum usable rpm. I used a stethoscope to listen to the bearings and then raised the rpms till I started noticing a vibration and then dialed it back till it was running as smooth as possible and this ended up being 18950rpm which is were this picture was taken.

At 18950rpm I should be able to run a 2flute 1/4 endmill 350-400ipm in hardwood. But I want to do some load testing and measure rpm to see if there are issues at those speeds


I agree JDog, i would assume every router is a little different. I’ve pretty much stopped worrying about it too much. If the cut sounds bad when running i adjust until it sounds better. One thing ive noticed is these routers to seem to vibrate bad at higher speeds.

Just wondering. Do we know how many amps the Makita is drawing when on low speeds? 1-3 on the dial?

@WaywardWoodworker ? Any ideas about this?

Im interested if the amps are significantly different at lower speeds, it would give me more room on the breaker to run my shop vac.

I don’t own the specific trim router model used in the Onefinity however the amperage draw is going to be more related to the cut parameters rather than speed it operates. The free running load will be rather low, where the current increases is when you’re actually cutting material and how much.