Controller to Breakout Box to VFD to 1.5Kw Spindle

My OneFinity has been sitting in its original box on the floor in my garage since mid June pending arrival of the way overdue QCW. In preparation for the mythical arrival of my QCW table, I need to get my spindle running. I have a HY 2.2 Kw VFD (GT-2R2G-2Z) that I need to connect to the 1F purchased Buildbotics Breakout Box. Then I should be able to plug it into the back of the Controller.

First question: Who builds the Controller OneFinity provides with the Woodworker?

Near as I can figure I need to connect RS+ & RS- in the VFD to pins 13 & 14 (RS485 A & B) in the Breakout Box.

The 1.5Kw spindle goes to the R, S, & T connections on the VFD.

Second Question: Does all this sound right? I don’t want to fry anything !

If you are on Facebook, the Onefinity CNC Users Group has a member (Jason Stewart) who is the resident expert on all things VFD/Spindles. I would contact him and would certainly be able to help you in setting up your VFD/Spindle.