Cutting molds for fishing soft plastics

Was wondering if anyone can give me tips on how or if this machine would be able to cut fishing bait molds into aluminum. A depth of less than a1/2”;in depth into each mold side.

Though I have not done it yet I would think it is doable. I have had my 1F for about a month now and have been doing straight cuts in aluminum and brass. The machine can certainly do it. I am just using the makita router now and that is what limits how much I can push it. Also I do not have cutters for aluminum yet so am using ones meant for steel.
In my day job I am a mold maker/die sinker so I am confident that it will be able to sink cavities once I get the proper setup and tooling even using the makita router.
I would recommend you consider Fusion 360 or some CAM package that can ramp the tool into the work and do efficient 3D area clearing.

Hope this helps.

Yep. Use a carbide mill that’s designed for metals like this one:

Run it slow and really shallow (like .05" per pass). Aluminum can weld itself to a bit if it overloads the flutes so slow and shallow is the way to go. You can even add a few drops of 3-in-1 or cutting oil to the surface of the aluminum if you want but it’s not really necessary.

Yes it does thanks for the info much appreciated