Don't throw a "Wrench" in your Day! (.25cent Fix)

I’ve read many users either having had a terrible experience, or a very near mishap. I wanted to share my $.25 solution that will stop you from ever having a Wrench in your Day. :slight_smile: Back in my table build days I figured out where my natural go-to place where I would “naturally” reach for my wrench when changing bits, and just drilled in 3/8" recessed hole and epoxy’s in Neodinium Magent… Bingo… wrench is ALWAYS where I left it and no matter what the machine does that thing “Aint’ goin nowhere!”

Hope it helps save a few folks some costly mistakes. @pwpacp @Hermsen.BJ @shuey911


Excellent idea. I just so happen to have a box of 1/2" neo magnets. I’ll put one on the forward edge f the table and another for my glassware - Charlie

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Great suggestion Alex. I have a wrench holder for this purpose. But all my clamps are a different story…