Double-click XYZ positioning values and enter your own

Double-click the XYZ values, change them to what you want, then hit enter to send the machine automatically to that new designated value. All based on where the machine is zeroed at that time, so for instance:

-XYZ zero to workpiece as normal.

-Crap! I forgot to add a clamp on the back side of the workpiece… my X gantry is in the way!

-Don’t fret! I’ll just double-click the current Y value (that should say 0in), and type in 15 and hit enter!

-Boom. Machine moves to Y = 15in automatically. Don’t even have to pick up the remote or peck on that monitor a bazillion times like a rooster.

If you need to move the machine closer to you in this case, type a negative number (-5) to send it towards you, and into “negative territory”.


Thought of this today to… Wanted to adjust my z 0.625 and couldn’t get there…


@Hermsen.BJ Absolutely… I used it a lot on the last machine I had!

seconding this one. One should not have to go to the terminal to move a specific amount.


I posted something similar - the ability to enter any value for the movement. You can use the MDI part of the interface, but it requires knowing Gcode and a lot of typing.


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@cyberreefguru yeah, that’s too much work for just about everybody. It should be easily accessible and accurate for anyone.

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Agree, this should be an easy add on to the software.

I use this all the time on my other CNC.

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