Custom XY Point

Looking to see if there is a way to custom set XY points as a macro of some sort. As I have a fence created on my waste board and I would like XY to be in the same place every time I carve. This makes it possible I only need to Z probe instead of XY and Z every time. I haven’t found a way on the controller yet to make this possible. If this is already an option please let me know.

Thank you.

Stay tuned, I have a solution in the works which will be ready to release in the coming days. You will be able to zero to any location you want including to a circle, right corner, center of a project, or any other X Y location. How about laser zeroing, yep, I have that covered as well.


Once you set your xy zero, it will show the absolute. write those down for the x and y. now when you turn on your machine, home, then on the gear icon next to the x and y put in that absolute number. It should return you to your custom xy point.


Thanks for the reply.

I am more so looking at a Macro / Single button to set the X/Y instantly with a click. I understand that most will not use this method but don’t hurt to ask. The workaround mentioned above will work in the mean time.

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Charley, You are a hero! Love the touch probe, and looking forward to what you’re cooking up next.