Probe only X & Y

how about an option to only probe X & Y? A lot of times I set my z off my spoilboard but put multiple different items on that require me to reprobe my xy (like when I am using up scraps). But each time I have to either manually set my x and y or I have to reprove xyz on material surface them have to probe z again off spoilboard surface. It’s a big time killer. Would be much easier if I could keep my z set on my spoilboard and then just probe (reset) my x and y.

Hi @marnio, welcome to the community!

The only issue I see with doing that is that before executing an X-Y probe routine, the tool bit must first register the Z location in reference to the probe block, so it knows how far to extend/retract the tool bit when completing the X-Y probe routine.

I thought about that too. I am not a programmer but i assume the original z could be stored when xy probe is chosen and then recalled after or the new z could possibly just be ignored.

have you considered placing your items in known locations on your spoilboard, and programing that way?

If you utilize a grid and put the home position for each piece of material in the code, it removes your concern.

Personally, I think I could manually set x/y faster than using a probe and an x/y only function.

I do use a grid and typically do place material in a know location however oftentimes i am using scraps which sometimes are odd shapes or not consistent shapes so there is still a need to set a new x and y each time. But agreed, when possible I try to utilize this type of method but it doesnt always work. I do currently have to set x amd y manually but sometimes i need the accuracy of the probe vs manually eyeballing an x anf y 0 point


totally understand. Only other work around I could suggest is to put in a v bit or TBN and find more exact start points, record them and then manipulate the file. Again, not ideal, but may save time in the long run if you have a bed full of “scraps” and odd ball pieces.

I do the the same with my scraps!

It would also be useful when using a sheet thay covers the entire work area. It would allow me to zero off my spoilboard first then i can put my material down and set x and y. Now i have to probe z then “guess” where my material 0 point is.