Zeroing accuracy?

after homing, I have been zeroing X&Y at the corner of the material and zeroing Z from the wasteboard.
If I zero X,Y&Z by probing the touch probe for all 3 will the result be the same?
Using the touch pad seems much simpler.

I find the touch pad to be faster/easier than setting zero manually. Using the top of the material as your z-zero allows you to set x, y, and z all at the same time with a single probe operation. If you want/need to use the wasteboard as z-zero you’ll have to make 2 different probes - one for x/y, and a second one for Z.

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thanks MikeH, will i also have to make any changes to Gcode since I am using a higher point to zero the Z axis

I feel (and am almost certain) that the micro-stepping when edge-finding is more precise then manual jogging at the finest degree.

I’ve been doing the xyz probe with a 1/4” tgp steel dowel in the collet. This way, I don’t have to try to get the cutter’s cutting edge turned just right to contact the probe at the same angle when switching from x to y.

After that, I install the desired bit and zero z. It’s been working good so far.

Because the bit is evenly cylindrical it doesn’t have to have a solid edge to touch to make it work. You dont have to spin the bit around to make contact it will be accurate. I have been using the work bit to set all three x,y,z and go right into a cut without any issues.