Probe, Can i set how high?

I am working with 1/8th plywood so im using my 1/16th bit a lot. The issue is if i start off with the 1/16th bit and use it to get my x,y, z with probe. its always off. I found with the 1/16th bit the probe is hitting the bit on the upper side where it is NOT .0625. before i got away with it but now that i got my laser working on same projects its making things off. My work around atm is using a .125 bit running probe. swapping to 1/16th rerun Z. If i could get the bit to lift up .25" i think would clear it. during probe. Would save me from having to put in my .125 bit just to calibrate. thx in advance…

What brand and model number is the bit?

was the 1/16th bit that came with the Myers bit pack 420-dnc062 bitbits

I can see why that’s a problem - stubby little tip on that bit, so the probing process drives down to far for it to touch the X and Y sides of the probe correctly.

yup if i could lift the bit about .25 of a inch when its getting X, and Y would correct this issue i think guessing on that number i could go measure it if needed.