X, Y, Z probe problems

I’m using an extremely small sized cutting bit, .023". When probing for XYZ, I noticed the head dips down lower than the actual cutting head, which is very small at .25 length. So, the X and Y probe is making contact along the shank and not the cutting head, which results in an inaccurate cutting position. Is there a way to calibrate the XYZ probing?

You could manually probe it not using the probe. Just pick your zero location, lower the bit to just touch the surface and set the x,y,z locations to zero. Good luck.

Probe XY with a 1/4" bit then swap bits. Same as with a V-groove bit.

I think I’ll end up with the same result as the shank on my bit is already .25

So long as you told the software that your bit is 1/4" for the probe you should have no problem. It’s finding centre of the bit based on the diameter.

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I’ll give that a try, thanks