How do you zero without a touch probe?

My touch probe hasn’t arrived yet. How do you manually set the zero point?

Hey Rob,

with the cnc zero paper method


Once you have found your zero points press one of these icons on the controller screen.


If I don’t need much precision, I’ll move whatever bit I’m planning on using over the corner of my material (visibly centered over the corner) and then set my X&Y zeroes per Chris’s post. Then I use the paper method mentioned to set the Z.

If I need a little more precision, I’ll start with a 30 degree v-bit, set the point right into the corner of the material, and set my X&Y as mentioned above. Then I switch bits to whatever I need to use (end mill or whatever) and set my Z with that bit using the paper method After you change bits, do not change your X/Y zeroes…only the Z.

You will not change your X/Y through the entire project. After each bit change, you only need to set the Z zero.


Thanks. That’s what I was doing but there isn’t really any interface “feedback” —the little icon doesn’t change shape or color—so I thought it wasn’t doing anything. I got it now.

I’m an old hand at the “zero paper” method from my Genmitsu days…

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Well I just made my first thing on my Journeyman X-50. A humble waste board but man this machine is slick! I spent 5 frustrating months trying to make a Ginmitsu PROVer work and it was so limited. I was afraid the 1F would be even more frustrating but so far, I’m finding it much simpler. And I’m using Fusion for CAM and post…and it’s STILL easier! hahahahah

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