Go to stock 0,0 not all the way home

Does anyone know what the code would be to have the machine go to where the program started and not the absolute home of the machine? I find it kind of cumbersome to do tool changes and then have to go back to stock 0,0 to verify. Not that it’s a huge deal, but I’m sure there’s a way. Thanks!

You use the controller and probe to set the XYZ. This is easiest when you set the code to lower left of work piece. This then is the new 0,0,0. If you change bits you need to re probe for Z zero.
Hope this helps


Awesome thank you! I will give that a try.

Is there a way to return to 0,0 when not using the front corner? If I move my 0,0 say roughly 1” from the corner to avoid hitting hold downs during the carve, I then have set 0,0 and just probe Z. Is there a way to return to 0,0 when it is not the front left corner?

You can manually set 0,0 anywhere you’d like. Just touch the Zero button (left of home button) in the X,Y or Z row. Then to return there just touch the bullseye in the center of the movement control pad (far left below Y+).

Perfect, wasn’t sure what that bullseye button did. Thank you!

I don’t have a probe. I thought I could jump it out, but apparently not. Any other ideas?

Just move your router bit so you are close to your design 0,0 coordinates (lower left or center is most common). Then zero out X and Y. Get a thin piece of paper and as slow as possible lower the Z to just barely touch the paper. Then zero Z and you are all set to carve from there.