Dust collection static buildup

Just wondering what people are using to help with the static buildup in the dust collection. Im using pvc pipe and 2 1/2 " flex to my dust boot. I did have a bare copper wire running the length inside my hose all the way back to the vacuum but material was getting hung up at different spots causing some blockage. I know there is a lot of discussion on so called grounding the hose, but my real concern is getting zapped sometimes off the hose. Also not sure if this would potentially have any affect i.e electrical interference>

I found this video very useful. Appealed to my science’y background and delivered by an electrician.


Keeping everything well grounded I think is your best defense against static. I connected a wire in-between my grounded spindle and the dust hose, seems to work well enough.

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There are different types of dust collection hose out there on the market as well, some is inherently anti static with a wire in it that you could ground at one end to eliminate the static from the Onefinity side of things. I’ve used the Rockler 4" hose (about 8 feet from the Onefinity dust boot to the steel hard pipe) and haven’t had an issue with static buildup. For me the steel hard pipe is grounded providing a path for any static buildup to discharge, since you’re using PVC you could connect a ground to the flexible hose where it meets the PVC.

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