EASEL pro software

Wanting to upgrade to OF. Have used Easel Pro for awhile and feel very comfortable with it. Will I still be able to use same software or would it be advisable to switch? Thanks for your advice

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I’ve as well as others have talked about Easel a bunch of times on the forum, if you do a few searches you’ll find a wealth of info.

Short Answer is YES you can use Easel both reg & Pro without issue, just need to export Gcode from Easel then bring into OF… again check the forums for proceedurers etc. on how to do that. I still use Easel for a lot of my work and Fusion360 for the rest and have had great results. One thing I do find with Easel is you have to remember to way up your speed/feeds as the OF is a way more capable machine than the X-Carve. Also while they jsut introduced ramping etc earlier this month to Easel… IMO Fusion does a way better job of handeling the CAM portion of the design to optimize cuts.


PS… that is NO diss or slight on Inventables… AT ALL!. I have a TON of respect and love for that whole team. Great product and support from both Zach, Inventables and the whole community as with here on the OF. I cut my teeth on an X-Carve and at the time it revolutionized the industry. + my Geek/tiker side loved putting togeher the million bolts & screws. :slight_smile: If were not for the team at Inventables I may have never discvered the amazing world of CNC that Iove to play in now.


As of right now. I use mostly Easel Pro for most of my carves quick and easy. I also use Vcarve Desktop, but mostly for 3d designs, and I am still learning the program.

I had originally purchased the xcarve and that came with a 3 year Easel Pro Subscription, there is a large collection of fonts and Clipart included so I sometimes create on Easel export svg and add to my Vcarve 3d designs. Easel is super easy and web-based, which is a pro and con. I can design on any computer or my phone as long as I have internet connection. However I understand that some people don’t have internet access at their shop.

I think I’ll stick to both, just depends on situation.

I to am using Easel Pro as I’m using a smaller machine. Wanting to upgrade to OneFinity but I’m really reluctant from what I hear people’s comments in the forum. I do have wifi in shop and I’ve grown to feel really comfortable with Easel Pro. I’m not sure I want to go tobexyda expense at this moment to purchase another program especially when they’re saying it’ll be 4 months approximately before I get mine. Can you please elaborate. I appreciate your comments pro and con. Thanks

You can continue to use easel. You just won’t be able to control the machine via easel. You export the gcode, upload to the machine and done.

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Hi. What do you recommend for settings for uping the speeds/feeds? I am very new to Onefinity …… haven’t even made my first cut on my machine yet !

I learned from other users here that 200ipm is no problem. And now do most my cuts with 200+ipm. However very important, do not go more that 1/2 the diameter of the tool in depth per pass. Other than that should be good. Spoilboard I surface with an Amana 1.125 bitat 240ipm .01 per pass and this eliminated the burning in the wood.

Thank you. This should help. I created a plain, basic, circle this evening and Easel said it would take 63 hours to cut !! lol.

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Open up easel and go to the machine pull down menu and select Xcarve Pro. The Xcarve pro machine is a similar machine to Onefinity as far as stiffness and rigidity and easel will recommend cut feeds and speeds Onefinity is capable of. So, select carving bits that easel knows. and use Automatic in the cut settings. download the gcode and send to your onefinity.

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