Easel price increase

Wow, what a price hike that’s coming! Around 80 bucks per year. If you pay for three years it’s about what we are paying now. Easel is ok, but it just seems like there should be more to it, but it’s all I’ve used. Anybody use Easel and found something better or is Easel the one to go with? Will you pay the price increase or jump ship, I haven’t decided yet, wanted some opinions. Thanks, Jake

I would think carbide create, carveco, or vcarve would be the other similar choices to easel. I started with easel (free edition) when I had my x-carve. I have used vcarve and carveco and both are good but paid. And I used fusion360 (free version) but it can be more complex than the others. I know some people use carbide create so I would look into those three and see if any of them look interesting to you.

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