So many choices

opinions needed(you know what they are the same of, and everybody has one LOL) Waiting for my 1F to arrive, I have been using my 3018 ProVer to play around with and learn some on. I have narrowed down my software choices to Carbide Create Pro, or Carveco Maker. Both around the same price range, I just a hobby guy so don’t won’t to spend a bunch. Been using CC already, the free version and pro trial. Haven’t used Carveco but it appears to have more features. Let me know which you guys prefer between those 2 if you have used both. Thanks!

Definitely Carvrco Maker or Maker+. Way more features and when doing 3D, you can lay down multiple stl files to build a scene. Also ability to ramp into cuts, use climb or conventional cuts and has post processors for a ton of machines (like the Onefinity)
Maker+ has a lot more 3D manipulation features.


Thanks Mitz, really appreciate your input and your Utube videos. Think I go with Maker for now, and possibly + in future if I can possibly make a little side income to support the cost. Do you happen to know if you purchase a perpetual license for Maker, their site is a little confusing on their description, looks like maybe only available for + and Carveco and too expensive for me right now.

I just have the $15/month (Maker) subscription so that if I decide to move up to Maker+ I can do so at any time. I’ll be honest, it took me a few days of following along with the training videos before it started to click.

Also, here’s a link for 90 day free trial. I know they indicate it’s free for Saintsmart CNC users but so far, they haven’t asked for verification.

Use coupon code “𝐒𝐀𝐋𝐄” at checkout for your free trial, and if you decide to keep using the software after the trial expires you’ll get a 5% discount going forward!


Thanks Mitz, I downloaded Maker, tried putting it on my laptop also but too old, video card won’t handle it. Works great on the desk top I built this pass summer though. Gonna start watching videos and try a few carves on my 3018. Hopefully by time my 1F shows in late June I will have it figured out.