Carveco Maker+ Purchase from Onefinity

Good afternoon;

I decided to go with the Carveco Maker+ software and I ordered the one year subscription through Onefinity. I expected that this would be a digital download but have received an email stating that it will arrive in 5-7 days. Is this normal that the access codes are delivered via mail?

Ordered mine on 4/6 hadn’t received anything so sent an e-mail to OF support last evening and received license info today. Very quick response. In fact just downloaded and activated the software,

Send OF support an email. I got my code the same day I bought it, the OF staff has to verify your purchase of the OF to get the discount, so it alerts them to your purchase and gets the ball moving.

Btw: I really am enjoying Maker +. It seems very easy to learn and use and I really haven’t had anything that I could not do with it so far.

Hi.I am new on here.I ordered this past Saturday night.I do not have much info on this machine or software.Is there any software included when purchasing a machine?

There’s free software options available.

If you want something more simple, Carbide Create is a decent bet. Fusion 360 is also free for hobbyist use (with some limitations) but it’s a much more complex program.

Vectric V-Carve and CarveCo Maker are roughly equivalent. I’ve been playing with Vectric for now and it hasn’t been too difficult to learn. It’s free to try but I’ll have to upgrade in order to output the designs I’ve been working on.

Carveco offers one free month, and then it’s $15/mo after that. If you don’t want to take the initial hit on a full copy of V Carve it might be the way to go.

Here’s a link that might help you to decide, but I’d recommend toying around with whatever you can to get the basics and then go from there.

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Thank you.My son will be doing most of the design work.I think he have one of what you mentioned.I will see what he got and try and work from there on.It seems like there is a few programs that can be used with this machine.

I forgot to mention.I was going to buy a Shapeoko and use Carbide Create.It seems to be a nice program and kind of easier for me.

Onefinity offers a big discount on Maker+ for 12 months. Now that you are at your 12 months and need to renew, can you get that discount again or are you looking at the $600 renewal?


You can use Carbide Create with Onefinity also.