Carveco Maker Free w/ X50

Is Carveco Maker free with X50 Thanksgiving purchase because more folks go for V-Carve? 1F is trying push more people to Carveco for some reason?


Likely that Carveco is running this as a promotion. Free subscription for a year and hope you turn that in to a paid subscription after you are invested in learning it and have projects in it.

I’m a Maker+ subscriber. Pretty good product but I am now thinking of switching. I tried out Vcarve 11.5 yesterday and found it has improved from what I tried last year and it seems to run better for me on Parallels on a Mac than Carveco Maker+. One thing is the final rendering speed is far faster on VCarve. It’s a minor thing, but nice. I need to play with it more before deciding. Maker+ has been good but I’ve seen a few crashes with it. Not sure if VCarve is more stable. It’s really hard to figure out which is a better product really. Price may be the final decision maker. Vcarve Pro is $629 on Onefinity’s site. Carveco Maker+ is $1080 for a perpetual licence or $600 a year subscription.

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That what I was thinking about the two on price point. I’ll give it a try free for a year and then also try the other free trials when I can. I’ll have to see what kind of projects I get into also.