Carveco Maker License

Will the Carveco license be sent out once a new order is processed or will Onefinity wait until the machine ships? I’d like to work on learning the software while I’m waiting on my new Elite Woodworker to ship, even though it will cost me some subscription time after I get the machine.

Licenses will be sent out when the machine ships, that way you have the subscription for the entire length of the machine’s warranty


I understand why Carveco is giving out a subscription to their software but if I have to wait the 10 weeks or more to get it, it will not do me or Carveco any good. V Carve has a free trial version that I can start learning on today and I already have. I am not going to learn V Carve and the switch to Carveco just because it is free. My time is worth more the the subscription to Carveco.

My license didn’t arrive. Thanks for reminding me. I got the machine yesterday.

Carveco does offer a free trial, 90 days. I’m using it right now for the same reason and didn’t cost me anything. Just remember to cancel the auto renewal.

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Thanks for the info.

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I got my license code a day or 2 ago.
I inquired as to why i got it before it shipped and i was told its so people can design while they wait.

Personally it was icing on the cake, but i don’t intend on using it

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what if I already have a software I like and use and do not want carveco?

You’ll still get it emailed to you. Do with it what you wish.

You got one of the Elite machines?

Yes, I ordered the Woodworker Elite on Nov. 28th.

Wow, less than 4 week delivery, I wonder why it was 12 weeks when I ordered mine on the 7th of Dec, maybe it will come earlier LOL

If I received my Carvo license via email does that mean my CNC is on the way? I ordered thanksgiving weekend and got the license last week. I was not expecting the CNC till after Feb when allowed for the 12-14 lead time.

Don’t expect your CNC to be on the way until you get a tracking number for it emailed to the email address you purchased it with.

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Hey Support,

Happy/Merry Christmas to everyone!

I think confusion is from an earlier response from “support” that Carveco license does not ship until machine ships.

I received my license before Christmas but have not received a tracking - so I think shipping procedure have changed vs above statement :slight_smile: